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Please Help Save “Arrested Development” October 4, 2005

Posted by Tycho in Television.

Arrested Development

The world of television is a vast and desolate place.  Most shows are not worth your time, but there are some, such as Fox’s “Arrested Development,” that simply deserve to be admired and watched.  As what often happens with wonderful programs, for two years Fox didn’t know what to do with the show.  Combining smart writing with sharp delivery, it truly is one of today’s best and brightest satires.  The narration by Ron Howard is priceless, and the six-time Emmy winning show just oozes wit.

Now in its third season, “Arrested Development” is unfortunately on the rocks.  Although better than ever, Fox simply cannot do this show justice.  They’ve moved it countless times, alienating their audience in the process.  Indeed, the show was nearly cancelled last season if not for the clamor of its ardent fans.  Only the most enthusiastic have been able to keep up with the changing timeslot, and nevertheless, yesterday it struggled to come in at 13th in the ratings.  And while the show’s contract for this season is a full 22 episodes, Fox could easily pull the plug at any moment.

There’s only one thing we must do to help the show — and that is tune in and watch!  Mondays, at 8/7c pm.  The next episode is on October 31 — Halloween.  Watch it, tape it, TiVo it, DVR it.  Whatever it takes.  Please, faithful reader, from someone who wishes only the very best for you, please help save “Arrested Development!”

Just a sample of its hilarity, from uh-NAL-ruh-pist Tobias Fünke, M.D.:

Arrested Development



1. Kevin - October 4, 2005

Great Show. PLEASE watch and support it! And buy the DVDs. Trust me. You’ll have a blast. I’m probably going to buy season 2 next weekend.

Oh yeah. Sign the pledge at http://www.getarrested.com/

2. mikey - October 4, 2005

Fox sent that show down the river when they moved it to monday nights. Why they replaced it with that “war at home” show, i have no idea.

FOX has a legacy of bad ideas.

3. Leita - October 5, 2005

I’m glad I’m not the only one scratching my head over “The War at Home.” Bluntly put, the show stinks.

Fox is such a paradox, one night’s lineup will be a mind-numbing all-night Cops-fest with a side of Something’s Gone Wild, the next will be Emmy-deserving. Makes me wish I could listen in on scheduling meetings.

I am a devoted A.D. viewer and have been since day one. If Fox dumps this fine show I will boycott the network.

Unless the Simpsons is on.
Or Kitchen Confidential.
Or House.. I can’t miss House.


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