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Music Industry Greed September 28, 2005

Posted by Tycho in Chatter.

[Updated 10-03-05: The Register has corrected the source of the quote, and is now reflected here as well.]

If you haven’t been keeping up, there’s lately been much verbal jousting between Apple’s Steve Jobs and the music industry.  While Apple insists upon keeping its iTunes Music Store prices at $0.99 a download, with the majority of that already going to the music industry, the music execs still aren’t content.  In their ever-continuing quest for profit, they want iTunes to increase their prices.  Yet, Jobs is steadfast in staying at $0.99.

Now, I’m sorry, but the most recent comments emanating out of law firms representing the music industry seem to be completely and utterly out of touch with reality.

“The industry can say, OK we’ll cut him off – very few people people buy music from digital downloads.”

Just a moment here.  All this time, the music industry has been lamenting the fact that people were illegally downloading music, and encouraged us to purchase our music from legitimate venues like iTunes.  Now, all of a sudden, we no longer matter?

“It’s going to be difficult to get the consumer to stop thinking about owning music, and think about paying for participation instead.”

Wow.  Please allow me a moment to regain my composure.  We should stop thinking about “owning” music and instead pay to “participate?”  What does that mean!?  Submit to some corporate idea of only accessing our music when they deem fit?  Is “participate” now synonymous with “borrowing?”

Warner is just deluding themselves if they think this will work.  The only reason people opt to buy music instead of illegally download is because: 1) it’s easy, and 2) it’s cheap.  If you eliminate either of those, especially by increasing its price, you immediately alienate your customers.  A mass exodus of music-lovers will gladly return to illegal downloads.  And the only people who lose out are, once again, the music industry.  You get no sympathy.



1. guile - October 18, 2005

nice, cozy place you got here :)..

2. Tycho - October 19, 2005

Thank you, guile!

3. Beans - November 13, 2005

I couldn’t agree more. I never downloaded music before iTunes because I’ve always felt strongly that everyone involved with putting out a record (and I’m showing my age here a little bit) should be compensated, but I’m sure if it got more expensive, I’d be considering my options. Especially with the financial scales tipped so heavily in the executives’ favor. Now with my iPod, downloading is indispensible. I found this blog looking for ways to save Arrested Development, and now I’m more angry about this! Nice site, keep up the good work.

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